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Challenge events in the UK, especially those based on the formula of Mountain Challenges, have a great fundraising potential. This has been evident for many years with some events exceeding £200,000 income.

The charities that work with us set all of the fundraising targets and carry out the fulfilment of all pledges. Global Challenge UK does not deal with any of the funds raised, they go direct to the charity. However, Global Challenge UK are members of the Fundraising Standards Board which ensures charities who work with us know that we are committed to best practices with regards to all of the current UK Outdoor Event codes of conduct.

Global Challenge UK offer a variety of formats for Fundraising Challenge Events.

"Open" events:

Open Events may be attractive to charities and organisations who would like to enter individual(s) or team(s) to raise money on their behalf. Not only are these events great fun but they have shown themselves to be excellent fundraising vehicles. Any fundraising target is set by the charity.

"Off the Shelf" events:

We operate a range of "off the shelf" Challenge events that are available to charities. In effect, Global Challenge UK will design, manage and advise on all aspects of the event. The charity is expected to find teams that are interested in completing events of this type and to handle all the fundraising aspects. Experience suggests that teams recruited from companies are the most successful - indeed, in the past some such teams have been able to raise £15,000 or more with the full support from their company and colleagues.

Bespoke events:

If you can't find one of our tried & tested challenge events to your liking or have something specific in mind, Global Challenge UK can design and event manage a unique event on your behalf. We pride ourselves on ensuring that no detail is overlooked, that a fundraising potential is always born in mind and more than anything all safety issues are considered.

Why should charities develop UK Challenge events?

With increasing pressure on the overseas challenge market UK based Challenge events offer a practical and attractive alternative.

The real advantage is the fundraising potential. Events of this type have a good track record - an average income of £5,000 per team is realistic given the experience of the team at Global Challenge UK. Therefore, a well-subscribed event could expect to raise £150,000 representing an excellent fundraising ratio.

Because the events take place in the UK, the time required for those with a busy schedule is far less - in fact most events can be completed in a long weekend. This means that valuable holiday time does not have to be used. Fundraising responsibility is also shared between team members rather than being the sole responsibility of one person.

For those charities that have developed UK Challenges in the past, the return rate for teams can be as high as 60%, suggesting that these are extremely popular events.

Other benefits


For many charities, an existing corporate relationship can be strengthened through Challenge events. If the company is willing to sponsor the event by underwriting the costs, then all the money raised by the teams can be available for charitable use. An added advantage, for the sponsor, is to have the facility to target their own specialist sector by inviting teams from within their group, their suppliers, customers and even competitors. In this way, an entire sector, for example the IT sector, can be mobilised in support of the charity. This in turn can lead to opportunities for the charity to develop new opportunities.

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